The secured platform to migrate your legacy apps to the cloud.


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During the beta test, the app factory is free of charge!
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On-demand App transformation

Each time you upload an app, we:
  1. Asses your app (auto process to detect the transformation complexity of the app)
  2. Modernize its structure (Cloud Native requirement) 
  3. Transfer it to containers (Convert the app to a Docker Container)
  4. Test its performance (Start & run the app with some basics)


Our team, composed of Cloud Native Experts transforms and migrates your legacy/traditional applications into Docker Containers.

From monolithic, microservices, Cloud services, REST APIs, modern databases, and stateless container, we can transform your applications and make them cloud-ready.

We put your legacy app in

a Docker container and make it ready for your cloud infrastructure

"Try it for free!" 
While we are improving the beta version of our app factory, you can try our service for free!